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Digital Camouflage Poly Rope

Avid outdoorsmen looking to up their game will appreciate the new Digital Camouflage Poly Rope series. Representing a whole new generation of camouflage cordage, the collection features three exclusive, copyrighted patterns intended for a variety of uses, including gaming, hunting, hauling and hiding.

The camouflage designs are inspired by the more modern "digital look" seen in everything from tee shirts and shoes to jackets and even car accessories. They include:
  • Woodland Hills, a predominantly brown rope with braids of tan, dark green, rust and gray to match the multiple hues found in wooded areas;
  • Snowy Mountain, which combines black, silver and white to blend into wintry landscapes; and
  • Mossy Fields, with various shades of green, tan and black, for use in most outdoor environments.

The three designs, made of diamond-braided polypropylene, offer many beneficial features for consumers: smooth touch, low abrasion and superior outdoor durability. The rope also floats, thereby furthering its usefulness to outdoorsmen and hunters, and both the 5/32" and 1/4" are available on reusable winders while the large 5/16" comes as a compact hank wrap.

Survival Bracelet offer:

People do amazing and surprising things with our products. Tell us how you plan on using our product and we will send you a SecureLine Digital Camo (or Visiflect) survival bracelet for free! Whether you are backpacking through the Amazon or just securing something in your own backyard, we want to know!

Offer available to first 100 survey respondents. Must be in continental US. Bracelet will be one-size-fits-most and random in color. Bracelet will ship to address provided within 90 days of survey submittal.

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Now Available:

SecureLine® by Lehigh Digital Camouflage Poly Rope and Visiflect™ Reflective Rope are manufactured in dedicated Lehigh facilities for maximum quality control. Both products will be available at mass merchants, hardware stores, home centers and other specialty retailers nationwide beginning in April 2012.

Customer Service Number: 800-523-9382


The Lehigh Group, maker of the world’s leading brands of cordage, continues to drive the category with the introduction of two exclusive new product innovations under its Secureline® by Lehigh brand: a Digital Camouflage Poly Rope collection for outdoor and sporting uses and Visiflect™ Reflective Rope for boundary marking, hauling and other outdoor applications.

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