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Strength is in our DNA

SecureLine by Lehigh has been in the marking for over 40 years with product innovations that lead the category. Our bungee cords, rubber straps, catfish twine, hold downs, laundry solutions and entire line of cordage accessories offer and exciting line that is great for consumers.

New Camo Cordage

Representing a whole new generation of camouflage cordage, this collection features three exclusive, copyrighted patterns intended for a variety of uses, including gaming, hunting, hauling and hiding.

Reflective Visiline

This new collection of ropes features patent-pending Visiflect™ reflective technology! Designed to improve safety in low-visibility situations this rope features silver Visiflect tracers, woven into the diamond-braided polypropylene rope, that reflect light from up to 200 feet away.